No one will notice anyway

At the department meeting yesterday we were informed that because the library building now incorporates more that just the library, we are looking at changing the name. Which is great since they just spent a bunch on designing a new logo.

Personally I can’t figure out why we’d need to change the name. All of the departments are library related and, one would hope, that if you’re told that one of the new departments is in the library your response isn’t going to be “Can’t be there! They only have books!”

Actually, knowing the students here… scratch that. Yeah, we might need a name change.

So I suggested a few.

The Pen Lending Depot.


The building with the books and several other things

Libraries and Things

That building you still haven’t been in despite having been here for several years.


Somehow I don’t think they’re seriously considering my suggestions.


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  1. I vote on “The Pen Lending Depot.”

    • That’s my vote as well.

  2. They still haven’t taken your ideas.

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