What do you think?

It’s been a very long day today. I don’t know what it is but the average IQ of the patrons seems to have dropped at least 50 points. There hasn’t been a person yet who has come to the counter and not said or done something stupid.

It’s even affecting people calling in.

“Hi, I just got a letter about some overdue fines. But I brought the book back yesterday, so do I still have to pay the fine?”

I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark here and assume she does. I do look it up though, just to be sure.

“Yes, there is a $16 fine showing on your account.”

“But I brought the book back!”

“You mean you brought the book back before it was due?”

“No, it was a reserve book that got mixed up with my other books. I took it home overnight. They called me and told me to bring it back. No one told me I couldn’t take it.”

That, folks, would be a lie. Everyone is told, every time, that the books are due back in two hours and they are all covered with bright yellow stickers that say “Library Use Only”.

“I brought it back the next day! Why would there be a fine?”

“It’s an overdue fine, it’s there because the item was overdue.”

“But I brought it back.”

Uh huh…

“Well I’m afraid that because the item was overdue there isn’t anything I can do about the fine. The best I can suggest is for you to contact the lady who handles all the fines. She’ll be back in on Monday.”

It takes a little more going around in circles, but she finally takes the information and hangs up.

I almost feel sorry for the girl who will have to deal with her on Tuesday.


-Late Fines.

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  1. I must admit, I’d love to hide in a corner and watch you deal with these people.

    • You’d see a lot of my “customer service smile” and a lot of “exasperated face” combined with a heapin’ helpin’ of “grumbling about you when you’re out of earshot”.

  2. Did you do it on purpose when you wrote “Tuesday” even though the FINE lady would be back on Monday? LOL.

    • Actually I did… but I meant to go back and change that. Before she finally went away she said she wouldn’t be in until Tues.

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