That’s right, like Office Depot with books

I’ve been thinking about taking classes at the university. See, one of the perks of working at the university library is that employees get free classes (bet you didn’t know that, suckers). So I’ve been going through the offered classes and checking prerequisites and I’ve found something lacking.

Not listed in any prerequisites are the ability to take responsibility for yourself and your education, the ability to conduct yourself in an adult manner, understanding that tantrums make you look foolish and most importantly of all – the basic ability to tell the difference between a library and a stationary store.

Personally I think that this is a major oversight, although it certainly explains a lot.

For instance, it amazes me just how many times a day I am asked for pens, scissors, paper, tape, headphones, calculators, kleenex etc. We lose more pens every day to people who are going to “bring them right back” than I ever though possible. It leaves me wondering how these poor penless souls make it through their academic day. Do they think that if they steal pens from the library, the money they save on boxes of pens will get them through school?

It’s all I can do to not walk them outside and ask them if they can read the big sign that says “library” and not “Crazy Al’s Pen Give-Away Warehouse”.

But the best part of my day has definitely got to be dealing with the photocopiers.

The photocopiers, for the record, don’t belong to the library. They belong to printing services. We fill them with paper, change the toner and clear the occasional jam.  Beyond that, there’s not a lot I can do. But I’m the one at the desk, so it’s my fault.

I understand.

“There’s something wrong with the photocopier!”

Oh yeah, that’s my favourite thing to hear.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“It’s out of toner or something.”

I am the one who checks the copiers every day, it’s also my job to change the toner. So I ask her which one. The copier that’s “out of toner” is the same one that had its toner replaced a few hours earlier.

It’s not out of toner.

It’s part of my job to humour her, however, so I go with her to the copy room. She’s using the auto-feeder (all of which are only semi-functional and tend to eat paper, which I tell her).

She shows me the blank pages the copier has been giving her.

I show her the clearly printed icon indicating that materials to be photocopied need to be face up.

The copier is fine, by the way.

-Late Fines

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  1. At least it’s plugged in honey…

    • Oh that’s the other one. “The photocopier isn’t working.”
      *Check* The power is off. *facepalm*

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