No, you may not

“Can I borrow a Kleenex?”

“No, but you may have one.”


“I honestly don’t want it back when you’re done with it.”

Hey, I resisted the urge to point out that he should have said “May I” rather than “Can I”.

I work in a library, what do you expect?

-Late Fines.

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  1. Omg. Micah does that all the time to me. (me being the borrower) it makes me hit him

    • I’ll keep that in mind next time we hang out. Not that I won’t say it, just that I’ll expect to get hit.

  2. I wish you were my librarian.

    • Me three.

  3. So… what do you say when I come to you and say May I borrow your phone? When I was learning English, I was told that it’s not correct. It should be “May I use your phone?” LOL. Is it still the case? What about cellphones?

    • I will usually let that one slip, unless I’m in a really bad mood.

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