Well in that case, still no.

“I’m looking for this book but it says that it’s not here.”

“Let me check.” It’s signed out, so no, it’s not here.


“I can put a recall on the book and have someone contact you when it comes in.”

“I only need to see it for a second.”


“Can you just give me the guys phone number so I can call him?”

“…” Seriously? Are you shitting me? How would you feel about me giving him your number if this were reversed? “No.”

“But I just need to see it for a second.”

“The best I can offer is to have the book recalled and call you when the book is returned.”

“How long will that take?”

“The recall shortens the borrowing period to two weeks.”

“Two weeks is the end of the semester.”

“I’m sorry, that’s the best I can do.”

“You can’t just give me his number? I only need to see it for a second.”


“When is it due back?”

“Next Monday.”

“I only need to see it for a second.”


“So that’s it then?”

“It will be back on Monday. If you put a hold on it, we’ll call you when it gets here.”

“I only need to see it for a second.”


After a minute of standing there staring at me, he finally left. I had to laugh after he left.

The guy I was working with looked at me.

“Did he really think I was going to hand out his phone number?”

“Holy shit! That’s what he wanted?”

Yeah… he only needed the book for a second. *sigh*

-Late Fines.

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  1. But he only wanted to see it for a second… *giggle*

    • Remind me to smack you later.

  2. Wow…

    I’m torn between feeling

    (1) really bad for him (he probably really needed the book, which is why he was so desperate, and it might have made the difference between him passing or flunking, maybe he had personal circumstances that made it impossible to start the book-search sooner, etc),


    (2) wanting to smack him upside the head (he kept persisting despite hearing the library’s policy multiple times. I hate it when people keep saying the same thing over and over and over, imagining that somehow THIS time your response will be different.)

    • For the most part I feel kind of bad for some people, but that feeling goes away when you start being unreasonable or demanding. Also, policy is policy and in the case there was exactly nothing I could do. Oh and finally, chances are good, as it’s a university library, that there were other books with the info he needed.
      Some people aren’t even willing to look at alternative solutions tho.

  3. …likely reason for pdf piracy. not alternative titles…alternative mediums.

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