Things I’ve seen on my coffee break

Not everything interesting I’ve seen at the library happened while I was working. Sometimes the fun and excitement spills over into my off time. I used to frequently take my coffee with a friend of mine and we’d sit outside or in my car and there’s rarely a scarcity of strangeness. 

For instance, one day a couple of summers ago we decided to head outside. My car was comfier than the bench so we rolled down the window and enjoyed the breeze. Library patrons strolled by, in and out of the library. We chatted and my friend read her magazine. 

One of the many people who wandered by was a scruffy looking man I’d seen before. He always reminds me of a farmer who’s a bit down on his luck. Dirty jacket and jeans, work boots that have seen better days, a trucker cap, aviator glasses and three day stubble. He’s a fairly typical sight in this part of the country and even more common downtown and at the library. Don’t ask me why. 

While he was walking by he noticed his shoelace had come loose so he bent down to tie it. I just happened to look over while this happened.

I then quickly began smacking my friend’s arm to try and get her attention.

“Ow! Wha…” She looked over in his direction. “Holy shit!”

When Farmer dude bent to tie his shoe his jeans rode down and his jacket rode up.

We both got a very good look at his shiny blue frilly thong.

Remember when I said we rolled the car windows down? Yeah. Apparently yelling “holy shit” isn’t as subtle as one would expect. Especially when the person you’re watching is only about ten feet away.

The two of us looked away quickly and actually managed to hold it together until he stood up and beat a fairly hasty retreat before we burst out laughing. 

There are somethings about our patrons I’d really rather not know.

-Late Fines

PS – Yeah, I know, two underpants related posts in a row.

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  1. Now that’s awesome, if only you’d gotten a picture of it.

    • I don’t think anyone needed to see it the first time and how would I explain WHY I have a picture like that?

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