The Regulars: Last-Minute Larry

Last-Minute Larry

Just for the record, his name isn’t Larry. In fact, I have no idea what his name is. How Larry stuck for all these years is beyond me. But it has and no one questions it, so he’s Larry.

Larry looks to me about thirty-five-ish. It’s hard to guess with his thinning hair and his rumpled t-shirts. He stands out amongst the regulars just by being one of the few in that group who isn’t homeless, crazy or both. At least if he is, he hides it well. He’s always clean and he looks well fed. He doesn’t talk to himself or yell at the staff. He’s just Larry.

So why is he a regular worth mentioning at all? Why the nickname? 

Larry picked up his nickname because of his daily routine. Nearly every night, right before closing, in he wanders.

Now, I’d be lying if I said that there aren’t plenty of people who show up right before closing but very few of them have made such a habit out of it. And even few still have made a habit of coming in right before closing, going upstairs and collecting half a dozen news papers and then walking them downstairs and across the library and sitting until the very bitter end.

This is Last-Minute Larry.

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  1. I try never to do that. I feel like such a prick. If I do it, I run in, grab the book, and high tail it out of there.

  2. That’s why I like you. Well, not just that but you know what I mean.

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